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See beyond Jean’s convincing smile

Now healthcare professionals can see beneath the surface, by enhancing remote consultation with the ability to examine patients in real-time.

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Over 50,000 examinations have been completed with Arc

Arc for

Care homes

Effortlessly manage care home patients from your surgery with comprehensive remote examination technology.
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Join hundreds of GPs by improving your quality of care.
Arc for

Urgent care

Your all-in-one triage, remote examination and consultation solution that reduces the need for face-to-face appointments.

Revolutionising healthcare

of consultations completed
Complete 94% of your consultations without the need for care home visits or referrals.
consultations with Arc
Arc is trusted by world-class healthcare providers and is used by hundreds of pharmacies, GP surgeries, and hubs.
10 mins
for a consultation
Save time that would have otherwise been spent on travel and admin, so you can focus on what matters most - patient care.

“A doctor can watch a patient take their own temperature, blood pressure, use a stethoscope to check their heart and lungs and use a close-up camera to examine their ears and throat ... it's the closest thing to conducting a real appointment with patients.”

“It moves beyond a simple video call with the doctor by giving the patient access to a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, contactless thermometer and even a light to check the ear, nose and throat.”

“Remote diagnosis hub offers care homes a GP lifeline during pandemic ... the NHS-approved video conference hubs enable GPs to take clinical measurements of residents without them needing to visit the home.”

“The NHS-approved technology saves time spent travelling to and from care homes, as well as offering a cost-effective way to enhance support for patients and meet obligations for regular monitoring.”

“Game-changing med-tech gives care homes a GP lifeline ... revolutionises care for the most vulnerable with time-saving remote diagnostic solution”

“Care home residents are set to benefit from new technology that offers easier access to a GP while minimising risk ... a remote diagnosis hub that allows at-risk residents to be accurately assessed by a GP without the need for a face-to-face visit”

“Allows doctors who are self-isolating to continue working while retired doctors returning to medicine to fight the virus can conduct consultations from the safety of their own home.”

“Doctors are able to remotely examine the patient through an attached blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, thermometer, pulse oximeter and a small camera for the throat and ears provided at the hospital.”

“Genius system lets doctors help patients test themselves over video ... transforming safety in GP surgeries with its unique hubs that allow doctors to remotely examine vitals such as patients’ oxygen levels as well as perform heart and lung checks”

“A British tech firm is transforming GP surgeries ... the hubs, which are manufactured in Hastings, East Sussex, guide patients on performing an examination on themselves while the doctor ensures they are doing it correctly.”

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