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Arc for care homes

Improve quality of care for your most vulnerable patients

Perform physical examinations on care home patients so you can avoid misdiagnosis and inappropriate prescribing.

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Our partners have completed over 50,000 consultations with Arc

Why Arc?

Better clinical care

Accurately diagnose your care home patients.
Remotely listen to heart and lung sounds, perform ENT examinations and record observations.
Arc Health care home resident

The importance of examination

Video consultations
Minimise your travel to care homes
Reduce the spread of Covid-19
Maintain your normal levels of clinical safety
Use observations to aid diagnosis
Manage cardiovascular and respiratory disease
Undertake effective virtual ward rounds
Prescribe with confidence
Improve scheduling appointments with carers
Partner with us

Who do we work with?

We partner with innovative GP surgeries, PCNs and GP Federations.

Undertake safe and effective consultations in care settings without leaving your surgery
Centrally manage multiple care homes across a wider geographical area with remote consultations

We partner with NHS hospitals and urgent care centres.

Free up hospital bed capacity by remotely measuring patient observations after appropriate early discharge
Efficiently manage caseload in the community by centralising remote consultations and examinations

We partner with clinical commissioning groups.

Reduce hospital admissions by enabling NHS primary and community care to remotely examine patients
Improve patient care and health outcomes with comprehensive patient assessments
Trusted by GPs

NHS clinicians choose Arc

Dr Yasmin Razaq, The Golborne Medical Centre
“10 times better than the next technology”
Dr Yasmin Razaq, GP Principal at Golborne Medical
“Reduced the time of one care home visit from up to an hour, down to just 15–20 minutes”
Dr Vinay Gupta, GP Partner at Willows Health
“Easy to use and love the support it provides the carers”
Prof. Rishabh Prasad, GP Partner at Willows Health

Save valuable time

Minimise your visits to care homes to reduce transmission of Covid-19
Remotely assess deteriorating patients to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation
Manage your care homes efficiently with fewer clinical resources

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Improve care

Undertake virtual ward rounds in multiple care settings from your surgery.
Deliver safe and high-quality care with comprehensive remote examination.
Give your patients timely access to care without sacrificing quality.
of consultations completed
Complete 94% of your consultations without the need for care home visits or referrals.
consultations with Arc
Arc is trusted by world-class healthcare providers and is used by hundreds of pharmacies and GP surgeries.
10 mins
for a consultation
Save time that would have otherwise been spent on travel and admin, so you can focus on what matters most – patient care.
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