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New GMC guidance on prescribing and the QCovid score

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Dr Adam Abbs
Dr Adam Abbs

Hi there,

Welcome to the seventh edition of The Remote Roundup. It’s been a busy month, but I’ve tried to bring you everything that’s new since our previous edition to keep you informed and help to promote best practice in the world of remote consulting.

This edition we have the new GMC guidance on prescribing, with a summary of what this means for clinicians who consult remotely. This is useful whether you’re an NHS GP or an out-of-hours private provider. We also have the new QCovid score along with a remarkably pragmatic Public Health England blog and some superb patient information leaflets from Medicines for Children. There are some excellent resources for domestic abuse during the pandemic and beyond. NHS England’s updated principles of remote pulse oximetry monitoring could not have come soon enough and the BMJ has a really useful article about how to safely get patients exercising again post-Covid.

Do you have any experience of lessons learnt, or good practice in remote consultations that you think we could all learn from? If so, please send me an email and maybe we could feature your story in the next Remote Roundup!


Thanks for reading. I have written this to try to save you time and to keep you informed. If you think that there is something else that I should be including, please let me know.

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