Arc for urgent care

Improve efficiency, increase capacity

Remotely triage, examine and consult with patients in a single session.

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“10 times better than the next technology.”
Dr Yasmin Razaq, GP Principal at Golborne Medical
of consultations completed remotely
Arc extends the capabilities of video consultations, enabling 94% of consultations to be completed remotely.
consultations with Arc
Arc is trusted by healthcare providers including the NHS and has safely managed over 50,000 consultations.
of unscheduled urgent care
Arc generates cost-savings on the 51% of unscheduled urgent care with its all-in-one triage, examine and consult solution.

Optimise urgent care

Telephone triage has a completion rate of only 46%.
With Arc, clinicians complete 94% of unscheduled consultations in a single session.
All-in-one triage, examination and consultation to avoid duplicate clinician sessions
Give patients access to urgent care from pharmacies in your local community
Ensure the right patient sees the right clinician at the right time

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Clinician capacity

Remotely triage, examine and consult with patients from your urgent care centre to improve efficiencies in clinician time.

Auscultate heart, lung and abdominal sounds
Examine ears, throat and skin
Measure patient observations

Our partners have completed over 50,000 consultations with Arc

Easy to use

How it works

111 directs patient to visit their local pharmacy
Patient joins the consultation on the Arc
Clinician examines the patient remotely
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